Gen2 Office Furniture

Gen² Office Furniture - Better than New Gen2 Power Hub

Gen² Office Furniture is the industry's most environmentally-friendly option for enhancing or expanding your office work environment. We take high quality used office furniture components from Steelcase® 9000® and Avenir® systems, fully refurbish each piece to original specifications, then add new components, soundproofing, fabrics and laminates.

The finished products are new, environmentally friendly Gen² office furniture and workstations. Original quality frames, with new, contemporary colors and materials, make Gen² office furniture better than new.

The Gen² remanufacturing processes go far beyond traditional refurbished office furniture. While other companies simply remove dents and repaint, we actually take the furniture down to its original frame, strip the finish, replace all worn components, and repaint with environmentally-friendly powder coating.

We enhance all of the desks, chairs, computer tables, workstations, panels and office furniture with new fabrics and finishes. Our huge selection of products and colors, along with our experienced office design team, allows us to customize innovative office configurations and creative workspaces for your unique area.

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