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gen² Wall

Constructing permanent and costly dry walls is no longer necessary. gen² Wall is an affordable and flexible solution for movable, demountable, floor-to-ceiling panels system.

gen² Wall can connect to suspended ceilings, or can free stand in open ceiling designs.

gen² Wall incorporates gen² Work panels, so a multitude of finishes and skins are available—tempered glass, laminate, fabric, frosted plexi and glass markerboard.

Business changes too quickly to rely on inflexible interiors. Organizations grow, technology expands, and new demands arise, ever transforming your workspace requirements. gen² Wall comes in two options, floor to ceiling or freestanding.

For more information, view the following gen² Wall PDFs

gen² Wall
gen² Wall - Avenir Site Evaluation
gen² Wall Installation Instructions - Avenir

Gen2 Wall Features

  • Maximum height: Suspended ceiling - 120” , Free standing - 108”
  • Clearstory—clear tempered glass
  • Frame thickness: 2”
  • Electrical - 5-wire/3-circuit or 8-wire/4-circuit
  • STC rating of 35 to 40 - dependent on gen2 Wall configuration
Gen2 Wall Workstations Gen2 Wall Workstations Gen2 Wall Workstations